About Us

Association of Teachers of History and Social Studies “Nova Doba”

Organizational and legal status

Non-governmental non-profit organization with all-Ukrainian status

Postal address of the organization

1 Halytska Str., office 5;   79008 Lviv, Ukraine

Telephone, fax, E-mail, website of the organization

(032)  297-66-89  

Fax: (032) 297-66-89



Surname of the head

Prof. Polina Verbytska – Executive Director

Information about organization

Association of Teachers of History and Social Studies “Nova Doba” is an educational non-governmental organization with all-Ukrainian status. The office of Nova Doba is provided with technical equipment which is necessary for coordination of regional branches of association’s activities and also for educational projects realization.  

 The main directions of activities:
  • Developing curricula, textbooks and manuals in history and civic education.
  • Initiating and organizing youth programs aimed at civic competences approach development.
  • Holding training, seminars, conferences  for teachers, students and school administration.

  Examples of the most important projects:
  • Developing school civic education materials and curriculum
  •  “We Are Citizens of Ukraine” 9 (10) grades
  • “We Are Learning to Be Citizens” 7 (8) grades
  •  “Civic education for the class teachers”
  • Project “ Citizen” .
  • Holocaust and tolerance education in Ukraine, Series (25) of learning methodological seminars
  • Youth-School- Community. Youth civic education project for pedagogical  university students.
  • Memory of War vs. War of Memories. In search of national understanding
  • “Together in One Land. Multicultural History of Ukraine”
  • Integration Through Dialogue. Programme of Educational, Psychological and Integration Support for Children Affected by the Ongoing Conflict in Ukraine